Yoga for weight loss

Yoga for weight loss

Gaining weight and obesity is essentially a state of metabolic disturbance. We gain weight when there is an imbalance between the intake and expenditure of energy in the body. This imbalance in your system that can be cured with the help of simple and effective yogic techniques.

But yoga is one of the best and safe ways to achieve weight loss. Performing yoga everyday morning helps in reducing weight substantially.The logic behind the weight loss due to yoga is simple. You gain weight due to excess of intake of calories and leading a sedentary lifestyle.The result being calories being stored into your body as fat.So it is important that you burn those extra calories to stay fit and under controlled weight.Performing yoga helps you burn those excess calories and helps in considerable weight loss.

Regular practice of sun salutation is also very effective as it created the balance of metabolic activity in the body.

To shed the extra kilos naturally, we should take care of following things:

1.Make sure you mind is not accumulated with stress.

2.Eat right and avoid eating too much sweets.

3.Tummy is always happy with less food.

4.Do not skip the yoga practice and atleast 5 rounds of sun salutation.



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