Why to join Yoga Classes ?



When you are a newbie to the concept of yoga  it’s recommendable to work with an experienced instructor to learn the proper way to perform exercises and avoid injuries. The yoga teacher will intuitively correct the mistakes you make while performing the asanas. A good yoga instructor will explain the fundamental principles of the practice.

Practicing yoga in a group you can benefit from the instructors help. A good yoga teacher intuitively knows when you need a little extra encouragement to push you closer to your limits or when you need to back off when you start to overdo it. This will minimize the risk of injury. An instructor will always remind that you have to only go as far as your breath allows. If you can’t breathe easily, you are straining and that is not the point of yoga.

There always comes a time when you feel like giving up. Practicing the yoga asanas regularly may get you tired and bored. And you’ll want to take a break. Practicing yoga in a group makes it easier to get over this period. You don’t want others from the group see you giving up. This feeling of shame in front of your colleagues will make you continue.

The main goal of yoga is to relax your mind and body. Practicing in a group it’s hard to fully relax as there are a lot of distractions around you. Each of us has its own needs to be able to relax and feel comfortable. Yoga studios are greatly optimized to create that relaxing ambiance, but it can’t fit everybody’s needs.

One can always ask and discuss common issues and problems they are running into regarding their yoga practice.  In addition to this, the students also often discuss amongst themselves their experiences and thoughts on Yoga, Meditation, Living a spiritual and healthy life etc.  This is a great way to make progress on the spiritual path.  One can learn much from the knowledge another has acquired and a group class really facilitates this.

Yoga practice not only give you great benefits, but, in exchange require that you live up to a higher standard.  This often means making changes to your social life and people you associate it.  It all happens quite naturally actually. What a group yoga class provides is an opportunity to befriend and share your life with those who are living at a similar wave length as you.


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