Sudarshan Kriya for Thoughts-free Mind

2014 has been a special year since I completed 5 years in the organization which has shaped the lives of millions and billions, thereby which has got the apt name of the “ART OF LIVING”.

22 June, 2009 was the date when my YES+ Workshop currently known as the “Happiness Workshop” started.  Meeting new people, interactive and fun filled sessions were just amazing. Also, 3 Stage Pranayamas and Bhastrika were two processes that were taught the very same day. Seldom did I know that both were pre requisites to experience the technique that will change my life.
With the arrival of the second day, came all the different processes which lasted till three hours. Then, came the moment which I was waiting for, when our teacher told us that we will be experiencing the breathing technique called “Sudarshan Kriya”.
Post the completion of Kriya, I experienced inner peace and tranquillity, complete stillness and a mind free from thoughts, yet aware of the surroundings.
Since then, the blissful “Sudarshan Kriya” has been an active part of my life with its ever amazing effects of increased enthusiasm and efficiency, great energy & freedom from stress.
Some things are in life are just meant to be experienced and “Sudarshan Kriya “is one of them, a sacred gift and blessing to the mankind.

Amritanshu Sharma


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