Tips to avoid back pain

back pain

Here are some of the simple tips to avoid the back pain :

  • Exercise & Life Activities:

Lazy life is the worse life of any human being, if you want to live a healthy life so you need to be active. How will you be active, through your job, work etc. If you do the sitting job like in any office etc. so you should do the exercise every day. Don’t avoid exercise and playing the active games, it strengthen your muscles and keep your spine strong. Most important muscles you should care about are your abdominal muscles, abdominal muscles directly impacts upon your back and causes the pain. You should include stretching in your exercise, which helps you avoiding stiffness, stiffness is one of the big cause of back pain.

  • Tips to apply while lifting anything:

If you work anything related to lifting the things and moving the objects from one place to another, or you do it occasionally in your home or any place so be careful while lifting any object.
Before lifting anything from floor, bend the knees and lift the object closely to your body. Avoid unsafe lifting techniques to avoid the back pain and it’s better to follow the lifting techniques.

  • Drink Water:

Water is life and live a healthy life you need water, so drink the clean and pure water as much as you can. You must have listen about the water therapy, to get rid of many disease. A normal human being should drink approximately 6 to 8 ounce glasses per day. Initially you can face some problems while drinking water but start it with 2 or 3 then increase day by day and after sometime your body will start accepting the water and you will see the very positive change in your life and mood as well.

  • Maintain your weight:

A  healthy human being with well-maintained body weight is perfectly saved from all diseases. So you should maintain your body weight and don’t gain the extra weight, be careful about your extra weight. Best time to maintain the weight is avoid junk foods.

Extra weight on your body will cause problems in your movements and performing a daily routine works as well as it will impact on your knees and back.

  • Best sleeping positions:

Best sleeping positions and places prevents you from strain and back or neck pain. So choosing the sleeping place and style is really very important in the life of human being.

Always sleep in back position. It prevents you from back pain and neck pain as well as reduces the wrinkles. 2nd best is side position. The worst position is downside so avoid sleeping in downside position.

  • Long sittings:

Avoid long sitting, try to get up from your chair as much as you can, because long sittings impacts upon your spine and compresses the back disks. May be you are sitting due to your work but try to get up from your chair as much as you can and apply the right sitting ways which sitting on computer or your office desk. This attitude can cause the posture problems.