Yoga for Exercise : Isn’t Just For Youngers

In later life our immune systems begin to struggle and our bodies lose their efficiency, so maintaining the best possible health and fitness through a good diet and regular gentle exercise is essential at this stage of life.

Yoga for Exercise

Despite many people’s belief that yoga is a form of yoga for exercise reserved for super fit (and incredibly bendy) young folk, seniors practicing yoga can also enjoy the wide variation of benefits this ancient tool for healthy living has to offer as yoga helps them to maintain their health at the same time as significantly improving their general wellbeing.

There are many different yoga poses, or ‘asanas’ to choose from, starting with the most basic and progressing to the more advanced. Yoga poses combines these with breathing techniques and meditation in order to improve physical and emotional health, clear the body of toxins and leaves the individual feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The key benefits yoga provides for your physical health:

• A boost to the immune system

• Better quality sleeping patterns

• Reduced blood pressure

• Effective pain relief

• Better balance, mobility and flexibility

The key benefits yoga provides your psychological and emotional wellbeing:

• New friendships and social opportunities

• A calm, stress free mind

• Boosted confidence

• Relief of depression and anxiety

• Memory and concentration is improved

Let’s take a closer look at the wonderful key benefits listed above.