Feeling Stressed? Yoga is the Way to getout of Stress

Studies have shown that chronic stress can decrease immunity and result in greater vulnerability to disease. However, recently evidence has suggested that a regular practice of Hatha Yoga for Stress may help to decrease levels of inflammation in the body and increase overall health, fitness, and well being.

Yoga for Stress

Yoga for Stress

This study will examine the effects of a regular Hatha yoga practice on chronic stress levels and the immune system in women. More specifically, it will look measures of psychological stress (using surveys), as well as looking at the various biochemical markers of oxidative stress, and how they are affected by a Hatha yoga practice.

The purpose of this study is:

To evaluate the effectiveness of a Hatha yoga practice in reducing chronic stress

To examine the mechanisms through which a Hatha yoga practice affects practitioners

To identify changes in biochemical markers of oxidative stress during a Hatha yoga practice

If you have been experiencing high levels of stress for at least one month, then you may be eligible to participate. Click here to find out if you are a candidate!

Participants are randomly selected (like by flipping a coin) to have the option of giving a blood sample. Those selected will receive a complementary Blood Test that provides information relating to their blood cells. This is not a complete blood check, but abnormally high or low blood cell counts may indicate anaemia, infection or a blood disease.