5 Common Mistakes Yoga Beginners Make

There is no doubt that practicing yoga is a great idea—not only for your physical body but also for your mental health and overall vitality.

However, as beginners to this ancient yet currently trendy practice, one tends to make some major mistakes. The key to achieving flexibility, strength, and eventually coming into the “state of yoga” is consistency, practice, and patience.

Some common mistakes beginners make include:

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The Importance of Pranayamas

Patanjali Yoga Sutra Knowledge Sheet 85

Contd. from [340492:knowledge sheet 84]


“Tasminsati shwasaprashwasayorgativicchedaha pranayamaha’’ (II Sutra 49)

tasmin = in that state of asana or posture; sati = being; shwasa = inspiratory breath; prashwasa = expiratory breath; gati = movement; vicchedaha = breaking; pranayamaha = regulating the breath.


“In that state of being in asana or posture, breaking the movement of inspiratory or expiratory breath is regulation of breath.”


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